Constable Kathryn Brown

Strength Beyond the Badge

Battling cancer not just once, but twice, has shown me what real strength is. Transitioning from 19 years at the Sheriff’s Office to your Constable has given me valuable insights to tackle significant issues with determination and compassion.

Acknowledgements of Service

My Record

Stronger Support Systems

Beyond feeding the homeless and running the Community Pantry, I’ve worked to provide housing, legal aid, and vital services, ensuring our community supports everyone.

Fostering Community Engagement

I’ve engaged our community through cooking, fitness events, holiday giveaways, and health initiatives, all to promote well-being and bring us closer together.

Championing Cancer Awareness

I lead annual breast cancer awareness events and introduced the Constable Pink Breast Cancer Patch to shine a light on the fight against cancer.

Vote for Integrity, Courage + Compassion

This Democratic Primary, I‘m humbly asking you to stand with me — a leader who combines strength with empathy, ensuring Precinct 4’s future is in capable hands.

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